Psalm 124

So, if it isn’t already evident to you as my readers – I have wholehearted, with everything in me and perhaps even more, accepted Christ as my savior and redeemer. That being said, I have been consciously praying for a character of grace and tact in everything that I do. I truly believe that God does not just give us these character traits we yearn for. Instead, he gifts us with opportunities to grow and display the character we have prayed eminently for. After all, is example not the best way to lead and learn? Furthermore, I believe that there are truly well-intended (maybe) people out there who are used in the moment to divert you from truth of the spirit. In a moment of test, your mind w


Since I got married, I have been thinking a lot more about legacy. What legacy do I want to leave? If I should die (God forbid), how will people remember me? Will I be remembered by my Instagram or social page? It’s a bizarre concern, I get it! But here’s the thing…We live in a society today where media and the internet directly perpetuates the way you are viewed. Even without being a celebrity, the legacy you leave is cultivated by intentional or unintentional pictures/videos or memes. Perhaps and what is arguably the easiest and most coined legacy to leave/way to be remembered (on Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat) is to be know for ridiculous - perhaps even unattainably beauty. Kim Kardashi

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