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As I head to my first anniversary, I am left thinking about how much God has grown me in my marriage. Tim Keller said it best, “marriage is unlike anything else. It is the only relationship that teaches you the depths of your sin. Why? You finally realize you have to grow and change or you won’t live harmoniously in your relationship.” This construct has lead me to reflect constantly in hopes of realizing the depths of my sin. That reflection has taught me a few things, a few of which I will mention today. Marriage takes understanding what meekness is. No, this is not the meekness in a worldly definition. Listening to Miriam's definition over the biblical definition may conflict God’s

The Power of Gossip

I watched this movie with the late Phillip Seymour Hoffman and Meryl Streep entitled Doubt and it really got me thinking about the power of Gossip. If you haven’t already watched it, I would highly suggest you check it out. In any regards, here’s what I have deducted from the movie (you can watch the reference to the excerpt in the movie I am referring to below). The whole movie you are torn between two styles of pastoral behaviors. One being a stern and authoritarian Sister Aloysius and the other being Father Flynn the amiable, perhaps too lackadaisical pastor. Is Father Flynn guilty? He could be; but he might not be. Never is there proof to condemn Father Flynn either - only very convincin

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