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Meet & Greet

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Meet & Greet

Time & Location

Time is TBD
West End Park, Koehler St, Houston, TX 77007, USA

About the Event

Meet Future/Current Mother's in your Neighborhood. 

Welcome to West End Home Community Group. We are are a Community Group that focuses on community first, then just being around ike-minded mothers who get together for to walk their babies or children in stroller, slings, or carriers. So, whether your a current or future mom, get out with us and let's make the streets around us a part of our Home.

The benefits of joining the Home Community Group:

  1. Decrease loneliness. If you have kids, or you are the first of your friends to a baby, being a mom sometimes can feel isolating. While your friends without kids may be eager to see your child, they, in fact, have very little appreciation of your responsibilities as a parent. There may be times when they may even dislike the changes in your schedule along with other new things brought about by your new status as a mom. This isolation can often lead to depression.
  2. Socialization. A stroller walking groups is an incredible way to socialize with other moms who are in the same situation as yours. As a group you may do things together like following a fitness plan through walking, running errands, and talking about motherhood topics.
  3. Get help and advice. Each mom has her own struggles with parenting. Often when moms meet for a stroller walk, they openly talk about these topics. Topics can range from nursing tips, healthy eating, baby health, etc. You can learn a lot by listening to the stories of other moms and asking questions.
  4. Encouragement. It’s very empowering to be surrounded by women who share your opinions and feelings. Stroller walkers can be like your other sisters. The information and reassurance you get from more knowledgeable mothers can be a great blessing. These walks can also increase your self-esteem and energy.
  5. Get exercise. Many people know that having a partner or a group of people to exercise with can often help make the activity more enjoyable and beneficial. Moms that get together to walk and exercise often feel the same way. Join a stroller walking groups for mothers to accelerate your weight loss goals in a healthy way.

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