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Closet Edit Restructuring

  1. We will help streamlining your closet: That means – find your personal style, restructure your existing wardrobe, educate you on the best colors and shapes for your body, show you how to develop good shopping habits, and change your relationship with clothing. Silver Lining has in-depth understanding of garment construction, the specific fabrics that hide flaws, and which flatter for which body types.

  2. Our Wardrobe Restructuring is what you need!  Within 2 hours we'll sort out your wardrobe according to your personal style.  It includes compiling daily looks of new combinations for both your professional and personal life. We also help get rid of the stuff you don’t wear. **only available in the Houston, Texas area**

  3. A two-hour package includes a closet audit, outfit planning and a shopping game plan: $125. Additional hours are offered on a case-by-case basis. Stylist also charge 20% of final items, before tax.

  4. We will help bridge the gap of missing pieces in your closet and hot trends you should incorporate into your look We help you organize your closet by deciding which items to tailor, donate or re-sell. Lastly, we help you create complete basic look boards to develop your personal look, including how to assemble outfits for $125.

Case-by-Case Basis

Monthly Membership

  1. Get hand-selected, individualized pieces: Based on your consultation, clothing will be delivered to your door. You can try on each item conveniently at home. Keep only what you want.

    • During your consultation you will be asked approximately 20 question utilizing a proprietary love, like & dislike scale to get to know you.

  2. Buy what you like, send back the rest: You are responsible for shipping outside of the Houston, Texas City limits.

  3. Try the season's most coveted trends: obtain the classic wardrobe staples, find something for a special occasion or check off your must-have list; whatever your needs are, the membership is the most popular way to meet your styling goals. Members pay a $100 monthly fee. Stylist also charge 20% of the final tendered amount of what you keep, before tax. A valid credit card is necessary for all consignment membership holders.

  4. The mostly beneficial aspect of the monthly consignment membership is the ability to restructure your wardrobe at your pace. Fashion and convenience all at your fingertips. 


Personal Shopper Consultation

  1. An initial consultation is a must for all new clients. This is my opportunity to understand what you are looking for and how we can be of assistance to you. New client consultation is $49.95, but ask me how referral can wave this fee. So your consultation runs smoothly, consider the following: 

  2. Most wardrobe consultations are a multistep process. The level of assistance the client desires from the consultant directly affects the cost of services. Client can choose to utilize multiple services or just one.

  3. Your style assessment includes: color (likes and dislikes), body type, lifestyle, personality, wardrobe ease-of-care factors, profession, and hobbies. With a predetermined budget we will map pieces that best fit your lifestyle and budget.

  4. The most difficult thing to do in this industry is to establish pricing that is both fair to the client and to the stylist. We are always willing to negotiate pricing if it feels prohibitive to the client. Stylists are not only for the wealthy or famous. Here at Silver Lining© we hope to make that your reality! 


Assisted Personal Shopper Experience

  1. Book your appointment: Book online or shoot us a call to book your appointment. We offer a range of experiences for shoppers of all kinds.

  2. Preliminary selection: After your appointment's booked, we will get in touch with you to learn more about your options selected for your individualized needs.

  3. A prepped dressing room just for you: When your appointment day arrives, expect to find a dressing room filled with options chosen just for you. We will offer suggestions and honest advice based on your initial consult. So prepare to share and have an open mind. Here at Silver Lining© that's how relationships are built!

  4. Compensation is considered as follows: A successful stylist accompanied shopping experience is charged at $49.95 per hour. Generally, trips last anywhere from 1-2 hours. Stylist also charge 20% of the final tendered amount, before tax.

Case-by-Case Basis

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