Since I got married, I have been thinking a lot more about legacy. What legacy do I want to leave? If I should die (God forbid), how will people remember me?

Will I be remembered by my Instagram or social page?

It’s a bizarre concern, I get it! But here’s the thing…We live in a society today where media and the internet directly perpetuates the way you are viewed. Even without being a celebrity, the legacy you leave is cultivated by intentional or unintentional pictures/videos or memes.

Perhaps and what is arguably the easiest and most coined legacy to leave/way to be remembered (on Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat) is to be know for ridiculous - perhaps even unattainably beauty. Kim Kardashian, many have credited, snagged this celebrity almost infamously. In a world where aesthetics can get you remembered more then anything else, why wouldn’t you test your photography and is it all that wrong?

It so easy to post a pretty picture and allow people to believe you are this beautiful person who is presumably never unhappy. But, will this legacy be enough for you?

Look I’m not saying that I am going to stop posting selfies. I am not against the occasional selfie because I too have been guilty of posting a picture of a makeup application I was proud of. What I am saying is, I would much rather be known for something far more relatable and inspiring. I recently looked at this girl who I actually see every Sunday. She is a real effortless beauty and not in the artificial way that has become popular. Anyway, the whole Instagram is full of pictures of her giving back and being involved in charities. And not in that obligatory “I’m so generous with my time and money. Please watch me help people who look nothing like me and then snap a photo.” She really has a love and sense of hope in her eyes. It’s absolutely enduring. I don’t know what her bust or bum looks like, in fact, I don’t even think that I’ve seen her shoulders. Her page is not littered with makeup tips and or lavish trips. I’m not saying there is a problem with doing this at all. I merely saying, if our social media plays a large part on how we are remembered and what legacy we create… Well, then shouldn’t we post with more thought?

My only piece of encouragement to you would be to post with the intent that you are what you post. You are also encouraging and setting the tone for the next generation. It sounds a bit altruistic – I get it! BUT, if no one gets this new you, maybe you weren’t made to be understood. Plus, a brilliant man once said,

“If we find ourselves with a desire that nothing in this world can satisfy, the most probable explanation is that we were made for another world.”

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