there is not a righteous man on earth who is continually good

Indeed, there is not a righteous man on earth who is continually good and who never falls.

Do you love that message? Great, then you'll love The Father because that is scripture. Ecclesiastes 7:20 to be exact.

What does this mean and why am I sharing it?

Many things plagued my mind over the past few weeks. Speaking candidly, I found myself angry, indignant, and utterly amazed at situations that left me thinking, "how could anyone I love or know make me feel that way?"

Time, humility, and the scripture above made me realize the error in that thinking. Honestly, there is a failing in us that exists in self-righteous thoughts like the one I had.

Ecclesiastes 7:20 explains the reference to our undoubted character to be fixated on perfection and continued sinfulness.

A person who feels that they will keep God’s commands perfectly is conforming to the commands of his own desires and not what God commands for us as His people. I truly believed that because my walk had been fairly clean, any sin I committed from there on would make me made me fall short of His grace. But you see, God never expected that type of perfection. One bad trip of disobedience would not mar Gods love for me. Why you ask? With the right biblical truth, even the most difficult testimony can be reared into a gracious principle for Gods kingdom here on earth. I believe this thought is why perfection (in our heads anyway) doesn’t exist in our ministry for God or in our testimony to how we found God.

When we sin, it represents more than just the act of sin by a man or woman. Imagine, if you will, throwing a rock into a still and quiet river. The initial splash is followed by continuous sequence of ripples. Similarly, the Fall of man influenced the entire world and in turn affects us today. When Adam and Eve disobeyed God. The world was judged for that disobedience. After Adam and Eve died, the consequences of their fall have rippled throughout the human race. Sin, and all the accompanying consequences of sin, entered the human race as a result of the historic Fall of Adam in the garden of Eden. What does this all mean? It means that we will sin. In fact, all we will do is inherently sin. It is our nature.

It will be a far from perfect journey. However, I am convinced when Jesus was not found in that tomb, it demonstrated the ability of Jesus to undo all that human race has done and will do. It provided the return of innocence to our nature from sin through that radical change.

So, the next time you read that scripture, understand that you will fall… You may even feel self-righteous in that fall, However, nothing keeps you away from His love when we actually wish to receive it.

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